Radio net frequencies for hurricane activations

Submitted by admin on Fri, 2021/08/27 - 21:25

When hurricanes or tropical storms threaten, The Hurricane Watch Net activates on 14.325 MHz and 7.268 MHz, and will use either or both of these frequencies as propagation allows.

If conditions require, a CANWARN Net may be activated on all or part of the IRG system.  Be sure to listen to and follow the instructions of the net control station in giving any reports - report only what is asked --and remember the important ABC's: Accuracy, Brevity & Clarity.

Exercise Emergency Net - now in progress on IRG

EXERCISE - EXERCISE - EXERCISE - This is an exercise only.

An unscheduled EMO Exercise Net was activated today at 7:08 pm on all IRG repeaters.  If you are available, you can participate on any linked IRG repeater near you now while this net is in progress. 

Listen to the instructions of the Net Control Station before calling in.  When invited, please call in with your call sign only.  Please use full phonetics to help get listed properly. 


Atlantic Canada Climate Summary and Outlook reports

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Latest update has been added - August 2022 Climate Summary and Outlook - found at bottom of links on this page in either language.

Here you will find the “Atlantic Canada Climate Summary and Outlook” bulletins.  
Vous trouverez ci-joint les bulletins française  « Résumé et Perspectives climatiques du Canada atlantique »

... from Meteorological Service of Canada / Environment and Climate Change Canada / Government of Canada. 

Monday night net - Aroostook Amateur Radio Association

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(Editor's note: While it's not been easy to cross the border, radio waves can make the trip with ease! Here's an invitation from the AARA to their Monday night Emergency Net)

Several members of the Aroostook Amateur Radio Association (AARA) are current members of the International Repeater Group (IRG) in New Brunswick Province.

Helping hands help hams

Submitted by admin on Sat, 2018/06/23 - 19:09

"Fine business" is the best way to say it, after some help from the Fredericton Amateur Radio Club and IRG members put Jim Noseworthy VE1HJN back on the air. Some deck renovations required the antenna to be moved and so helping hands worked today (June 23) to put Jim back on the air. Good work everyone!