A new YSF repeater is available to parts of southwestern NB...

Submitted by w1dlo on Wed, 2021/12/01 - 21:35

This new YSF (Yaesu System Fusion) repeater is located on Cooper Hill in Cooper, Maine (Same location as the more well known 147.330+ FM analog repeater).  It should give pretty good coverage throughout most of Charlotte County.  It is hard connected to Wires-X room #62148 (UFB New England).

The repeater's callsign ID is "KV1B" and it's a mixed mode YSF digital / FM analog system.  Using the digital side, it is linked to many other YSF repeaters around Maine.  Using the analog side, it is a standalone non-linked repeater.  From here, I'll try to keep it simple...

* Using the YSF digitally linked side...  Simply program 146.895 with a minus 600 khz offset and that's it!

* Using the analog un-linked side... Program 146.895 with a minus 600 khz offset using a PL tone of 91.5 hz

(On the analog side, be sure to use the "CT" or "TSQ" tone option if your transceiver has it.  If you use just the "T" or "ENC" option, you'll end up hearing the unintelligible data noise from any of the digital traffic side) 

On the linked digital side, there is a weekly net dubbed the "UFB New England Fusion Net" every Sunday at 2030 AT.

To join the net and/or use the digital side in general, via RF, the radio has to be a Yaesu transceiver with the YSF digital capability.

(The capable VHF models are the FT1, FT2, FT3, FT5, FT-70, FTM-3200, FTM-7250, FTM-100, FTM-200 (new), FTM-300, FTM-400, FT-991)

Also, besides the Wires-X room, the system can also be accessed through a hotspot using reflector FCS00339.

There have been some operators out there, during the building of this linked system, who  already had one of the capable models but never used the digital function until now.  So, there's a good chance that some operators out here may already have one and have the ability to use the digital side of this new repeater.  I know the group would really like to hear some check ins off the Cooper machine from Downeast and the Maritimes so don't be a stranger.

Lastly, the UFB New England group can be checked out at https://ufbnewengland.com


Thanks for the update, Dan.  I don't have a Fusion radio but I've been able to reach the repeater in FM Mode, it sounds great.  Another great asset for the area!  From Rick VE9MTB.

Sorry about the long delay in reply.  I don't jump onto the IRG site often.  Hope you are able to get a Fusion radio at some point.  Seems like the most popular one I hear operators getting is the dual band FT-70 as it's the least expensive option for brand new generally running between $200-$250 US.  If somebody interested keeps an eye out, used mobile units (like the FTM-3200 mono band 2m or the FTM-7250 dual band) show up fairly often on eBay and, with some patience, can be bought for under $200 US.  Never-the-less, hope you're doing well Rick.  73

Just wanted to weigh in on the FT-70D as I have one... and also to put some more activity on the site forums to keep them alive.  I also have an FT-5D and I would say that while it may have so many more features, I find the 70D is more charming, fun, and easy to use.