Radio net frequencies for hurricane activations

Submitted by admin on Sun, 2024/07/07 - 20:00

When hurricanes or tropical storms threaten, The Hurricane Watch Net activates on 14.325 MHz and 7.268 MHz, and will use either or both of these frequencies as propagation allows.

If conditions require, a CANWARN Net may be activated on all or part of the IRG system.  Be sure to listen to and follow the instructions of the net control station in giving any reports - report only what is asked --and remember the important ABC's: Accuracy, Brevity & Clarity.

All IRG repeaters now fully tone-enabled

Submitted by admin on Fri, 2024/05/10 - 09:55

With the Doaktown VE1XI repeater being the final one updated, all IRG repeaters are now tone-enabled.  Users are required to program a sub-audible tone with their transmission to activate a repeater.  For more information, see our Revamp page.

All  IRG VHF repeaters use a CTCSS (or PL tone) of 151.4 Hz, while IRG UHF repeaters use 141.3 Hz.  You can check the complete updated repeater listing by clicking on the “Revamp” tab at the top of any page. 

CubeSat VIOLET deployed, awaiting first signal

Submitted by admin on Wed, 2024/04/17 - 22:00

CubeSat VIOLET was deployed from the ISS last week, but its antenna may not yet have released.  Attempts to contact from the UNB team will be made periodically.  The orbit of VIOLET at this time is very close to the ISS, so you can find out when VIOLET may be within range at Heavens Above web site (you may need to adjust for your location, and be sure to select "all passes".).  UNB will be using 145.910 (only 6 watts pointed towards VIOLET

Win a LaCrosse weather station

Submitted by admin on Thu, 2024/02/08 - 08:44

Update!  The winner of the draw for the new LaCrosse weather station was VE9GM, Gino Mazerolle of Drummond, NB.   Congratulations, Gino!  Thanks to all who participated, and keep on providing those observations.

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the WeatherNet, Scott VE1CSA and Rick VE9MTB want to thank everyone who’s checked in over the years allowing the reporting of over 600,000 pieces of data to the Atlantic Storm Prediction Center.

IRG system update - July 26

As of today, the VE1BM  147.120 repeater in Fredericton has been upgraded to full CTCSS - (PL tones) on transmit and receive.  Users will need to set their radios to transmit a sub-audible tone of 151.4 to access the repeater. 

The Fredericton VE1BM repeater joins those in Elmtree, Campobello, Maces Bay, and the new UHF repeaters as requiring a PL tone.  For an up-to-date list of all new repeaters and PL tones, go to


Upgrades coming - Week of July 17

Three more repeaters will be upgraded to require CTCSS (PL tones) during this week:

  • VE9VDR 147.390 - Seven Mile Ridge / Campbellton - 151.4 Hz
  • VE9ELM 145.410 - Elmtree / Belledune - 151.4 Hz
  • VE1BRD 147.315 - Allardville / Bathurst - 151.4 Hz

You will need to program your radio to transmit the PL tones shown above in order to be heard when using the repeater after this change is made.  You can add the PL tone prior to the change if you wish.  Consult your radio manual for help.