Wednesday night Miramichi net

Submitted by VE9ASN on Wed, 2020/02/12 - 21:30

New guy curiosity question.

I of course have no idea how the nets are linked, as my first time was on the 25th anniversary session, so I am curious as to why not the same scenario on Wednesday evenings?

This isn't a complaint or criticism, just curious how things are done........




hi Leslie

The Miramichi net is on several IRG repeaters but is not an IRG net. The Sunday and Tuesday IRG nets and the Thursday Emcomm net are official IRG nets and administered by IRG people. Ron Doak started the Miramichi net 25 years ago and over the years has had several assistant net controllers. I have been helping Ron for the past 2 years. For more information on IRG nets you could contact an IRG executive.