All IRG repeaters now fully tone-enabled

Submitted by admin on Fri, 2024/05/10 - 09:55

With the Doaktown VE1XI repeater being the final one updated, all IRG repeaters are now tone-enabled.  Users are required to program a sub-audible tone with their transmission to activate a repeater.  For more information, see our Revamp page.

All  IRG VHF repeaters use a CTCSS (or PL tone) of 151.4 Hz, while IRG UHF repeaters use 141.3 Hz.  You can check the complete updated repeater listing by clicking on the “Revamp” tab at the top of any page. 

There is still more work upcoming, including correction of some audio drop-out issues, and a reconfiguration of the zones and hardware replacements.  Once all is complete, a new network diagram of the system will be published.